Lusine Balayan

Lusine Balayan
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  • Gel Nail Extensions3000 AMDBook Now
  • Classic Manicure(cleaning+lacquering)2500 AMDBook Now
  • Hardware Manicure(cleaning+lacquering)2500 AMDBook Now
  • Gel Polish Removal1000 AMDBook Now
  • Manicure + Design2500 AMDBook Now
  • Pedicure with Gel Extensions3000 AMDBook Now
  • Pedicure + Design3000 AMDBook Now
  • Gel Polish(cleaning+lacquering)2500 AMDBook Now
  • Nail Extensions Removal1000 AMDBook Now
  • Gel Pedicure(cleaning+lacquering)3000 AMDBook Now
  • Gel Polish with Base Coating3000 AMDBook Now
  • Pedicure Extensions Removal1000 AMDBook Now
  • Pedicure Extensions Removal1000 AMDBook Now


Lusine BalayanLusine BalayanLusine BalayanLusine BalayanLusine BalayanLusine Balayan